Our Mission

Since its start in 2006, Tegrom has been committed to quality and on time delivery of projects.

Tegrom is a privately owned company, dedicated to new products development and products prototyping. Our mission is to provide an IC design services, product prototyping, depending on our engineering excellence, to meet high performance system requirements while exceeding customer's quality, service and delivery goals. By experts in electronics and software design fields, Tegrom has rapidly become a country leading supplier of innovative solutions for wireless sensory, secure RF communication systems, control systems and hardware-based educational tools.


Tegrom is dedicated to bringing new and creative ideas into life; it is our tough road in this technology-centric world. With innovation, we will continue to develop our unique market positioning, to maintain and grow our solid prototyping services, and to adhere to high quality design standards.

Design and Development

Tegrom turnkey solutions helps our customers rapidly deliver complex and profitable end products in the highly-competitive technology markets. Utilizing best class hardware and software combined with our know-how experience all together at our customers finger tips to meet their tightly timed end product development schedules.

Current Focus

We are currently focusing on wireless sensory low power applications for harsh environment deployments, development of unmanned autonomous aircraft control systems & radio links, secure RF communication systems covering HF, VHF, UHF bands and hardware-based educational tools for remote learning.