About Us

See what we're all about "Excellency".

Tegrom is a design services company specializing in the development of high-performance integrated solutions. Tegrom highly innovative turnkey solutions are based on a complete set of in-house developed standard-based IPs that span a broad range of processing and power requirements, a line of high performance prototyping platforms and a range of embedded software solutions. Established in 2006, Tegrom is a privately owned company dedicated to new products development and products prototyping. Tegrom is a major player in providing turnkey ASIC design services, SoC design services, and FPGA design services to the semiconductor industry. By experts in electronics and software design fields, Tegrom has rapidly become a country leading supplier of innovative solutions for wireless sensory, secure RF communication systems, control systems and hardware-based educational tools. Since then, Tegrom has served the first-tier players in the industry in addition to high tech entities through electronics and software prototyping designs and turnkey IC development projects.

Our Process

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, Tegrom is strongly committed to deliver highest quality prototypes and services to its customers. At Tegrom, our quality policy strictly adheres to the highest levels of ethical business practices in dealing with customers, suppliers, and employees. In particular, we are extremely proud of our commitment to protect our customers' privacy and IP rights. Our highly motivated team spares no effort to demonstrate Tegrom's commitment to each of its customers, unfailingly, time and again.

Our Approach

In today's ever more technology-centric world, it has become a clear business necessity to combine innovation and reliability in each and every aspect of design and development. Tegrom combines a valuable mix of strong wireless sensory, mixed signal design and embedded software experience together with design and development know-how. Leveraging this valuable mix of technology and know-how, Tegrom has been successfully able to deliver full systems and products with early insight on our customers' environmental specifications and restrictions.

Our Team

Based in Cairo, Tegrom has a team of high caliber engineers. Tegrom's outstanding engineering team has pioneered development tools from world-class companies like Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Cypress, Altera and Xilinx. Expertise with major EDA tools; ModelSim, NC-Sim, DC Compiler, Spectre, Virtuoso, SOC Encounter, Prime Time, ISE, Quartus. Members of our team hold Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees in electronics design and development with deployments over ASIC, FPGA, Embedded Controllers.