SensiLux Street Lighting Management Software

An Intitutive, Portable, yet Comprehensive.

SensiLux is a novel platform for large scale lighting networks in cities and public areas. It offers an intelligent and scalable approach to lighting that reduces cost, optimizes energy usage, and facilitates monitoring and control.


Versatile Solution

The versatile management software gives you total control over the network while keeping you up to date with the parameters of your choice. Each Node has a visual status indicator showing whether it has experienced network loss. Node Attributes are directly editable inside this table.

Direct Command Control

The Command pane gives you the ability to select one of the available Commands to issue to any number of Nodes or Groups. Each Command displays the appropriate controls to select the Command parameters. All you need to control any remote Node is a working internet connection.

Maps Integration

Google Maps integration provides accurate visualization of the network Nodes, their locations, statuses, and more. Groups and Scenes can be easily configured and recalled using this pane. User defined Scenarios can automatically alter network parameters when certain events occur, e.g. light can be dimmed when occupancy has not been detected for a while.