SensiLux Street Lighting Sensing Unit

Sensing Environment through Motion and Light Sensors.

The sensing unit contains three types of sensors: occupancy, illuminance, and temperature. The occupancy sensor provides information about pedestrian and vehicle density, enabling the system to make decisions about light level based on the usage parameter. The illuminance sensor measures ambient light intensity, matching the network's light output to natural light conditions. Finally, the temperature sensor provides the added functionality of reporting ambient temperature levels to the central control station. to be capitalized upon in such applications as weather forecasting.

Technical Specifications (ZigBee)

  • CPU 8 Bit AVR
  • Speed 16 MHz
  • RAM 32 kB
  • ROM 256 kB
  • RF Range ~100 m
  • RF Tx Power 3.5dBm
  • RF Rx Sensitivity -100 dBm
  • Power Consumption 18.6 mA @ 3.3 V