Intelligent Street Lighting System

A smart solution for street and public lighting.

SensiLux is a novel platform for large scale lighting networks in cities and public areas. It offers an intelligent and scalable approach to lighting that reduces cost, optimizes energy usage, and facilitates monitoring and control.

Robust Technologies

Relying on ZigBee and TCP/IP socket technologies, SensiLux offers a reliable and robust platform for intense usage in critical applications with long life expectancy. Rugged casing and industrial grade components guarantee high return of investment value.

Flexibility in Deployment

SensiLux is easily customizable to work with different kinds of environments and existing LED lighting systems, matching customer application requirements and delivery times.

Ease of Use

Needing only an internet connection, users can easily see their lighting network overlaid on a Google Map interface, showing which nodes are on or off and their current light output, as well as which nodes are defective or in need of maintenance.