SensiLux Street Lighting Driver Unit

Flexible interfacing through PWM or DALI.

The Driver Unit is the main module in the network, continuously translating automated and manual light level control commands into actual light dimming operations that appeal to the human eye. Each one of these modules can drive up to three LED units, effectively slicing their cost in third. Robust software and hardware enable these units to survive power interruptions and network loss, retaining user data and operational state.

Technical Specifications (ZigBee)

  • CPU 8 Bit AVR
  • Speed 16 MHz
  • RAM 32 kB
  • ROM 256 kB
  • RF Range ~100 m
  • RF Tx Power 3.5dBm
  • RF Rx Sensitivity -100 dBm
  • Power Consumption 18.6 mA @ 3.3 V